Chemex Coffee Brewer 1 Cup


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The beautifully designed  Chemex is the most aesthetically pleasing and easiest way to achieve a really clean and crisp filter brew.

The hour glass shape adds to the effect of the aroma when serving your brew making the experience of unique flavours more palpable and enjoyable. The design is timeless and whist its not being used to brew delicious it will always add the aesthetic of pretty mush any kitchen theme!

Using the Chemex brand Filter Papers are the way to get the best out of your Chemex as their quality is part of the reason brewing with a Chemex will achieve super clean flavours from your coffee.

The box says this can brew up to 3 cups but in terms of actual servings it will brew  300 – 400 ml of coffee at good extraction, resulting in 200ml servings for 2 at a push.

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