Alex Duetto IV Plus


Innovative and professional, suitable for domestic use, this espresso coffee machine is named DUETTO because its capacity to manage separately both steam and coffee delivery with a dual boiler system.

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It can work with a water tank or can be connected directly to the water net with an automatic drain pipe.
It is equipped with an E61 group, a professional and noiseless pump and a thermo regulation managed by a PID with an elegant blue illuminated display.

The Alex Duetto IV PLUS keeps a similar external look of the Alex Duetto versions III and IV, except for the following amendments:

The cup clearance has been increased to allow the use of Mug cups;
The height of the drip-tray has been reduced;
The distance between the steam/hot water wands and the front panel has been increased through the use of sleeves to avoid scratches on the chassis.

Dual boiler with new easy emptying system
New PID with shot timer Silent rotary pump adjustable without disassembling the machine
Easy access to the heating elements
Magnets for easy positioning of the drip-tray
Automatic water loading Mushroom, gigleur & top nut in stainless steel
Coibented boilers for energy saving

Additional information

Weight 33000 g

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