De’Longhi KG79 Coffee Grinder




The first piece of advice I give to customers that ask me how they can improve the quality of their coffee at home is buy a grinder. Grinding fresh makes a HUGE difference to the richness and complexity of the flavour you can achieve when making either espresso or brewed coffee at home.

This is great little grinder that creates results that many a coffee professional would be impressed with; yet with easy of use and a price point accessible to the beginner home brewer.

It has a grind adjustment with 16 steps so you can achieve the perfect grind for a large variety brewing methods and recipes with delicate variation. Although I would not recommend this grinder for those at home using an espresso machine as the finest setting is not quite fine enough! Please get in touch via email or Facebook for advice on buying a grinder for home espresso.

You can also set a timer via a dial, much like a toaster, so you can set the grinder to grind only what you need for your regular dose.

This grinder also uses two flat burrs much like commercial use grinders, providing consistent particulate size on each setting, this is the key to achieving a even and consistent brew allowing you to experiment with different settings and timings to achieve the best flavour from your coffee.

The hopper (where the beans go in) is a substantial size holding more than 250 grams of coffee beans. The bucket that holds the grounds is also a good size that will hold up to 250 grams of ground coffee, but I recommend only to grind what you need for each brew to achieve the best flavour from your coffee!

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